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Below is a textual show with examples of some early periods in art. Graphical versions of the early periods and also modern art movements are below as a gallery.

Cultures & Periods

Prehistory c. 40,000 - 1000BCE

Mesopotamian 9000-300BCE

Egyptian pre 3159-1069BCE

Aegean 3000-1100BCE

Ancient Greek 900-30BCE

Etruscan & Roman 800BCE-395CE

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./Art History/20thcentruy.jpg
caption Major Trends: 20th Century European and North American Art(Timeline)
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./Art History/aegean.jpg
caption Examples of Aegean artwork.
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./Art History/egypt.jpg
caption Egyptian artworks.
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./Art History/greek1.jpg
caption Examples of Greek Art periods included: Orientalizing, Archaic, Transitional.
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./Art History/greek2.jpg
caption Examples of Greek Art periods included: Transitional(Kritios Boy, Riaace Warrior), Hellenistic (Laocoön) etc.
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./Art History/location.jpg
caption Map showing where early cultures/movements took place. Prehistorical art, Aegean Art, Sumerian, Egyptian, Roman, Greek(Not in Chronological order).
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./Art History/majperiods.jpg
caption Major Period & Styles in Western Art: 30,000BC - 1900AD
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./Art History/mesopotamian.jpg
caption Early Mesopotamian - Sumerian
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./Art History/paleolithic.jpg
caption Prehistoric Figures and Early Settlements. From left to right top to bottom... Lion-human figure, Woman from Willendorf, Skara brae, Stone Henge.
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./Art History/periods2-6.jpg
caption Short Timeline AH
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./Art History/roman.jpg
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./Art History/time.jpg
caption Conventional Timeline View
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./Art History/time2.jpg
caption Comparative Timeline of Cultures - Part 1(Span: Pre-history to Greek and Etruscan.) The relative length and time span of the culture is shown through the vertical length of the squares, also the time-span between new art periods within the culture is relative to where the boxes begin. This allows different artistic periods from different cultures to be juxtaposed at around the same time period they occured.
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./Art History/time3.jpg
caption Comparative Timeline of Cultures - Part 2(Span: Prehistory, Early Mesopotamia, Greece and Rome)
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